October 15th 2017

  • We’re back! Time to leave the past behind us! A lot has happened but now we are back on track.
    On the 2nd of December we will do an exclusive show in Musicon, The Hague.
    Come and see us there, let’s party!!!

June 6th 2017

  • Kaderock 2017 was a blast. People were standing in line to get in and we regret the fact that not everybody could see us live.
    We saw a lot of “old” friends but also new faces. WELCOME TO THE DURANGO FAMILY!Check us out soon at a gig near you…

May 22nd 2017

  • We are on a roll people, this has been a great rollercoaster ride this far but it ain’t over yet.. Please sit down before you read any further! We are support act for Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, on the 16th of June we will open up for the second Ramone in our career… be there (see the gigs page)  and witness Ramones history in the making!

April 15th 2017

  • Yesterday we entered a band competition at the Lazaru’s in Leiden.
    We are proud to announce that we made it to the final.
    That show will be done on the 9th of June at the Lazaru’s…

March 12th 2017

February 12th 2017

  • Here we are, the website is online!
    1, 2, 3, 4, GO!Here is a pic of Eddie and Dave Sabo (Skid Row)
    on the KISSkruise 6 last year!